High School Ceramics

Slab Mask Project

Slab Mask Project with Poland Regional High School

This project was implemented with fifty-five ceramics students at Poland Regional High School, ranging in grade level from ninth to twelfth.  Students worked alongside Mz. Zeh for three weeks.  They began by producing five to ten idea sketches, sometimes using other masks as inspiration for their own drawings.  Together, they learned how to use the slab roller as a tool to create flat slabs of clay.  Then they experimented with different methods of creating a mask form.  Students used the additive and subtractive methods (adding material onto their slab and taking it away) and considered how their use of line, shape, texture, pattern, and form impacted their piece.  They were given much freedom within the project to create an object that was of interest to them as long as they met the clearly defined criteria.  On the final work day, students that were finished had the opportunity to give one another constructive feedback via a W.A.G. critique, responding to the prompts "What works well?", "Give a suggestion", and "Ask a question".  All students displayed their finished artworks in the display case accompanied by a hand-made label with their own name and the title of their mask.