About Mz. Zeh

"Knowing is a process, not a product."

- Jerome Bruner

The goal of education is not advancement, but expansion.  As an art educator, I am in a unique position to provide my students with a platform of exploration.  I can provide skills and tools for exploration. I can caringly, but firmly, guide and encourage. However, the students are the only ones that can make their education significant.  It is important for them to make their own artistic choices and discover their own meanings.

In my classroom, I cultivate an environment where experimentation is encouraged, bravery and curiosity are rewarded, and right and wrong are seen for the subjective social constructs that they truly are.  I value participation and effort highly above innate skill and believe that all students can be challenged to improve at their own differentiated levels. I view each group of students as a community of artists and see their potential to collaboratively push one another to succeed within and outside of the classroom.  Instead of viewing their peers as competition, students are prompted to celebrate their diverse strengths and learn from one another. Strong content is viewed as the primary goal of any artwork and through various media and processes, students will learn to courageously communicate their thoughts, beliefs, feelings, and experiences.

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