Mz. Zeh visits NYC


My name is Raven Lynn Zeh.  I was born in western Massachusetts in May of 1996 and raised in Worthington.  My drive to create was nurtured throughout my childhood, and I went on to graduate with my Associate in Science in visual arts from Holyoke Community College in 2014.  After graduation, I moved to Portland, Maine to complete my Bachelor of Fine Arts in printmaking from Maine College of Art in 2016. Currently, I am a teacher candidate completing my Master of Arts in Teaching at Maine College of Art.  I have held numerous positions working with children and teachers including three seasons as a counselor at Porcupine Hill Theater Company, two years assisting the director and dance instructor of Gateway Regional Middle School’s after-school program, and a year teaching and caring for one and two year-olds at Portside Learning Center.

From my experience working with students of various ages, I have learned to be flexible and find innovative solutions to problems--children are unique and require humanity, not diagnostic equations, in order to thrive.  My strengths as an educator include my direct and genuine communication with students, my adaptability, my high expectations for student achievement, my plethora of creative ideas, and my excitement to help students succeed.  As I continue to learn the art of education, I hope to find myself in a position where I can be challenged and continue to grow. I will press myself to be more engaging to more diverse groups of students, to allow for more student freedom and self-direction without losing my authority over a classroom, to use what I have gained from my personal work to inform and enrich the experiences of my students, and to maintain professionalism without losing the homey sincerity that makes me an effective role model.

If given the opportunity, I will use my energy and influence to aid in shaping a positive and productive learning environment for all students.